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Business and civic leaders, experts, teachers, students, and citizens from all walks of life contributing to the leadership of Portland, Oregon as the most sustainability conscious city in the United States.

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The Necessity of 'Action Ecology' by Dr. M. Jahi Chappell

Parts of a lecture by M. Jahi Chappell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Justice at Washington State University, Vancouver to the Social Sustainability Colloquium at Portland State University, January 27, 2012. Entitled, Ecological Sustainability, Food, and Human Rights: The Necessity of 'Action Ecology' Dr. Chappell discusses the role of scientists as citizens and credible advocates. He suggests both are appropriate and when coupled with participation and outreach to the community, especially in the University setting, are effective at changing the status quo.

Videotaped by Ruth Ann Barrett, Sustainability Advocate, and founder of www.EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability.

EarthSayer M. Jahi Chappell, Ph.D.

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