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Ride an electric bike. Tour a permaculture back yard garden. In each episode of Peak Moment TV, Janaia Donaldson hosts practical grass roots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times.  Peak Moment TV is cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history - an energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable living.



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How Can A Big City Become a Village? by Moster, Pacey and Chatterjee

How do you empower an entire metropolis to transition towards more localized living in a post-petroleum era? Founder Ross Moster and board members Ann Pacey and Rand Chatterjee of Village Vancouver (B.C.) Transition Society view Vancouver as a network of neighborhood-sized villages. They encourage neighbors to get to know each other. Projects arise from these connections: recycling depot, dinner groups, seed libraries. Their invitation: "Have a desire to create a happier, more livable future for the next generation...and to have fun while you're at it?" Published on Feb 26, 2016

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EarthSayers Rand Chatterjee; Ross Moster; Ann Pacey

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