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Environmentalist Huey D. Johnson founded Resource Renewal Institute following Huey Johnsonhis service as California Secretary of Resources in the Brown Administration (1978 -1982). His pioneering policy, Investing for Prosperity, was one of the first comprehensive and long-term environmental plans in existence. Since the early 1990's, when the first nation-scale environmental policies appeared in the Netherlands and New Zealand, Mr. Johnson has promoted these and other Green Plans. He remains an authority on the subject and the third edition of his book, Green Plans: Blueprint for Sustainable Earth, was published in 2008 by University of Nebraska Press. It is available by clicking on the book cover image.


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Netherlands Sustainability Green Plan by Huey Johnson
Green Plans are comprehensive management plans that have the final goal of achieving environmental and economic sustainability.[1] They are integrated, all-inclusive strategies that replace traditional single-issue policies.[2][3] Green Plans have been implemented in several regions of the world including New Zealand, the Netherlands and other European Union countries.[4] Huey Johnson, a long time advocate of these plans, has introduced them to parts of the United States. Mr. Johnson stands behind the idea that these plans are capable of managing Climate Change. Adopted in 1989, the National Environmental Policy Plan (NEPP) of the Netherlands has been the longest running example of a green plan. With life-threatening environmental problems such as congestion and heavy industry the Netherlands is a microcosm of the threats facing this planet today, but by implementing these plans they have recovered from environmental problems in less than 20 years.

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