Sustainability in Higher Education

About This Collection

This collection was inspired by our coverage of the The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability (AASHE) 2014 Annual Conference held in Portland, Oregon in October, 2014.

As we grow the collection we intend to feature institutes such as the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and other organizations of higher learning focused on increasing the adoption of sustainability principles and practices.

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Sustainability: All working together by Elizabeth Wilson

Leading Voices: Sustainability and Higher Education, Dartmouth

Elizabeth Wilson, a professor at the University of Minnesota, talks about working across disciplines to tackle important real world problems. Published on Jul 17, 2013

“I think that sustainability is one of the key cornerstones of how we are going to be educating our students in the future,” says Wilson. “It’s up to us as professors, as universities, to provide them the educational opportunities and training to really go out in the world and make a difference.”

EarthSayer Elizabeth Wilson

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