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This special collection highlights the work of Leif Wenar and his team at CleanTrade.org. Leif is author of the book, Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence and the Rules that Run the World.The Kimberley Process by which importing countries now ban the purchase of blood diamonds from armed groups marked progress in one resource area. This ban can be expanded to stolen oil, oil that belongs to the people of a country. All countries' laws make it legal to buy natural resources from whoever can control those resources by force - Might Makes Right. CleanTrade.org has set as it's goal to change this. Related special collections include Ethical Sourcing, the Ethical Sourcing Forum, and, highly recommended, Conflict-free Minerals.

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Second Ground for Hope by Leif Wenar: People Own the Oil

Excerpt of Professor Leif Wenar's presentation in Seattle, Washington on January 27th, full speech here. Leif is author of the book, Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules That Run the World.In this excerpt from his presentation of January

He holds the Chair of Philosophy & Law at Kings College London. After earning his Bachelor degree from Stanford, he went to Harvard to study with John Rawls, and wrote his doctoral thesis on property rights with Robert Nozick and T.M. Scanlon. He has worked in the UK since 1997. This excerpt was produced by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv, Voices of Sustainability as part of a blogpost, Sustainability Advocate. Visit the site, Clean Trade (http://cleantrade.org/) to become involved in this movement.

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