Please send your question to . We will continue to add questions as we grow and our audience has more experience with the site.

Q: How do I submit a video for review?

A: The best and fastest route at this writing is to upload your video to Blip.tv and tag it with the word sustainability.
Q: I submitted a video via Blip.tv and don't see it. Why not?

A: We may not have seen it yet. Or we haven't had time to review it. Or we screened it out for one of the reasons below.
Q: What attributes do you consider when you screen a video for relevancy and quality?

A: We screen out a video if it doesn't work or is a duplicate - duplicates are common and we don't catch all of them - or if they are not applicable, or not in English*, if they are out-of-date, inappropriate (such as another use of the word sustainability), or of poor quality (can't hear or see it well).
Q: Do you rate or recommend specific podcasts or videos.

A: Yes, we do recommend or highly recommend some content that the staff of EarthSayers finds very educational and inspirational. We will include a rating system by users in future upgrades to the site.
Q: How often do you update the EarthSayer database?

A: Daily. That does not mean, however, that we review the videos daily. At this point, during the prototype stage, we are reviewing weekly.
Q: We found some misspellings and would like you to correct them.

A:Please email us any corrections , and we will do our best to make the changes. Make sure you include the title and at least one name or organization name so we can find the audio or video program.
Q: We want to become an EarthSayer. How do we do that?

A: You can be an EarthSayer without being on our site by speaking up for sustainability and publishing an audio or video program. At this time, we are seeking sponsors so we can develop The EarthSayers Network (TEN) for you to join, and through TEN we will offer help in producing audio and video programs.
Q: Who is your target audience?

A: Our primary audience is affluent baby boomers and their adult children.
Q: Why do when I click on a video, I go to another site?

A: We are aggregating content, not producing it nor hosting it. Our goal is to bring a focus to the sustainability movement. Our value-add is that we screen for relevancy and quality.

There are hundreds of organizations and Web sites out there that relate in some way to the sustainability movement, and we want you to use the voices at earthsayers.tv to be a guide to other destinations.
Q: What channels are you accessing through Blinkx?

A: Blinkx has hundreds of channels, but there are about twenty that regularly have content tagged with the word sustainability. They include Blip.tv, YouTube, GoogleVideo, Revver, BrightCover, BusinessWeek, CNBC, DailyMotion, PyroTV, PodTechNet, Veoh, and MetaCafe.
Q: Who is in charge and how do I reach that person?

A: Email Ruth Ann Barrett at .
*For now, we are sticking to English language podcasts and videos.